Our last day in UK…

Sat at the dinner table thinking about how today is going to unfold. This is what the “plan” is for today:

  • April going for a last short run
  • Bacon and Egg sandwiches to kickstart the day
  • Take bike to garage
  • Pop to shop and get car snacks / sweets
  • Check bags for everything
    • Pack things I’d forgotten
  • Pop round to mums to say farewell till August
  • Check bags again
    • Stuff in more things I’d forgotten
  • Getting collected at 12pm for drive to Gatwick (thank you Justine xxx)
    • Try to calm the crowd of people seeing us off
    • Re-assure parents we are coming back
    • Wipe tears away to before kids see
  • Drive along A303 from Exeter to Gatwick
    • Stop for wee
    • Stop for food
    • Take picture of Stonehenge (without stopping)
    • Stress the traffic is too bad
    • Try hardest not to be a backseat driver
  • Give Justine (our personal driver) a huge hug and wish her and her whole family the very best. (and apologise for all the backseat driving a couldn’t stop)
  • Enter airport and check in!
    • Have small freak-out

So I’ll write update with what actually went down once we get to the airport and have a coffee to chill.

Check in later guys, don’t forget to Follow and Comment (we love to know you’re there)


3 thoughts on “Our last day in UK…”

  1. You’ll be in the air now. We’re thinking of you all and hope the flight goes well. Looking forward to your next update on here 🙂 xx

  2. The journey to the airport was actually really good fun! Ruben and Rosie were so good, you would hardly have known they were there. Aaron wasn’t too badly behaved either. I did realise quite quickly that rather than criticise my driving out loud (which could have been very bad for him) he would tap out a rhythm on the dash with his hands. I also now know Aaron also has a great singing voice, with great range, he can really hit those high notes!!!!

    I need to get us some of those car bingo cards……awesome.

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