Sell, garage or loan the Car?

We have a very valuable Renault Modus car in limited edition metallic blue. I know, I know. Its nice.

Renault Modus

On moving to our temporary accommodation between leaving our house and leaving the UK, we were unfortunate to have one of the neighbours reverse into it. It was late at night. It was however parked under a street lamp.   However, despite this drama, we can happily rate the insurers at Tesco finance (the neighbours insurance co. luckily!) who very quickly sorted the massive dent. We took the opportunity to get the garage to sort out a few other knocks and scrapes the car has had over the years (we paid extra for these – not insurance fraud, I promise!). Therefore this amazing little motor is currently looking as good as new.

So once we got the gleaming specimen parked in the driveway – we won’t make the road mistake again, streetlamp or no streetlamp – we had a dilemma. Do we sell it? Do we garage it? Or do we loan it?

Believe it or not, weren’t willing to part with much cash to fund our jollies across Asia, and bearing in mind we’d need a car on our return, it didn’t make much sense to take the £s offered if we couldn’t buy a just-as-amazing vehicle when we got back.

The next step was to consider garaging, however most literature we read and expert advice we sought suggested to only do this if there was no other option. Engines, tyres and the like don’t like being sat around for months at a time. Then there was also the issue of whose garage (or driveway!) it would be left on. There were no sensible offers.

So, what about loaning the car? Who could possibly enjoy the Modus as much as we do?  Not surprisingly, there were takers! A few of them. Several people wanted to have this gorgeous little number as an additional member of the family. After a few beers and a drunken chat, we finally opted to lend it to the wonderful Lisa and her chap Marv. At the end of the day, I just couldn’t have one of my best friends going on all her dates in a DPD delivery vehicle. Don’t get me wrong – the van did us proud when we needed to move house. We got almost the whole house packed up in the back of that thing. Its a good van. But we’re talking about romance here. They NEEDED the Modus.

Now, you would think lending a car to a mate would be an easy thing to do. Surely all they’ve got to do is to promise not to write it off, not drive the length and breadth of Europe and figure out the new (lack of) tax disc system whilst we’re away…

But no. I’ve actually got to kind of ‘sell it’ to them.  The paperwork and logistics of getting this all signed and sealed has been the most complex part of the trip planning so far. With many, many discussions and texts to and fro about car make, model number, engine size, inside trouser leg measurements and first ever family pet, they’re still not even the legal ‘keepers’ yet ‘cos there’s more stuff to be signed. And to add to this, my insurance company can’t cancel my insurance until the day I want to stop driving it. ‘But what if I’m flying to New Zealand that day and don’t have time to be put on hold for 28 minutes to get that sorted? Can’t you just pre-date when I want the insurance to end?’ Nope.  We’ll send you the paperwork through when you call us to cancel. ‘But I’m flying to New Zealand and won’t be around to sort paperwork after that date…’   Arrrgghhhh! If they weren’t going to hang on to my very coveted no-claims bonus, I’d be having words…..

However, on Friday 31 October, Lisa and Marv the modus is yours. For 10 months. Enjoy!

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